TV returns I am beyond excited for!

Happy Saturday, hope you all had a lovely day :) For those of you who don't know, I am a massive TV addict, all
American TV shows despite the fact I am not American.

PLL girls.
Pretty Little Liars - How can you not be excited for Pretty Little Liars?! Honestly one of the most addicting shows I've ever seen. It came back on Tuesday and this is the second half of season 4, it went on its official hiatus after October. If you've never seen Pretty Little Liars, you're seriously missing out.

The Fosters - This show was new last year to ABC Family, which we don't get here (as far as I know). Its about two lesbian parents who have adopted 4  kids and its so sweet, it has been renewed for a second season and the second half of season one returns on 13th January. 

Twisted - This is another new show that started last year, I actually think it started at the same time as The Fosters. It has Avan Jogia in who I absolutely adore. It is a drama like the others but its more involved in crime, I'd say. It has an amazing story line so I see it going far like Pretty Little Liars.

The Vampire Diaries - This show is one of my addictions. I think I've seen every episode at least twice. It returned with season 5 in late October then went on a mini hiatus from the middle of December but finally returns on 23rd of January with its 100th episode. The reason I say it 'finally' returns because although it hasn't actually been that long, it left the show on a cliffhanger so I can't wait any longer for the new episode!

How I Met Your Mother - This show is everything. Its genuinely my favourite show ever, it also went on a mini hiatus in December. As this is the last season I was happy it went on a hiatus so it would feel like the season lasted longer because I really don't want it to end! 

These are the main 5 shows I am excited for! I am also excited for New Girl & 2 Broke Girls to return aswell as they went on a hiatus over Christmas :( Do you guys watch these shows? What TV returns are you excited for?


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