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I am abit late on this post as the Golden Globes happened last week and I didn't even watch it. I would've of but I'm not sure if it airs in the UK, to be honest. Anyway, the first thing I did after this award show was of course look at the beauty and fashion, what else are award shows for?
Georges Hobeika Fall 2013 Couture
First up..Sarah Hyland. I am completely in love with her so I would pretty much love her if she came in a bin bag but honestly she was one of my favourites at the Golden Globes. The shades of pink/peach on this dress are phenomenal and her hair is perfection. The make-up, the hair, the dress are all perfect.
Gucci Premiere Dress
Again, I am a huge fan of Mila Kunis. However I just wasn't loving this for her. Its a beautiful dress and she looks stunning but they just don't work for me.  I would have loved it if it was shorter the bottom part of the dress ruins it for me. The beauty though is effortlessly perfect, I need her eyes!
Armani Prive dress and La Perla shoes.
Yes, yes, yes! Absolutely in love with this whole look. The gems, the colour, the shoes. Wow. The clutch is Raowulf, I'm just not feeling that. For me this was just an average look for Nina because shes always on point at events, I mean did you guys see her at the TCAS in 2013?!
Dior dress & Make-up
I love Jennifer Lawrence but this wasn't one of her best. I mean its hard to compete with her previous outfits anyway considering shes had some pretty amazing looks (Oscars 2013, anyone?). Anyway, this just wasn't working for me at all, I would've loved it without the black, It pretty much just looks like she needs them to keep her in the dress. However, I am definitely loving the red lipstick, its always a winner.
Zac Posen with a painted on bodice

Wow. This dress was massive. I love how its been paired with the necklace and the hair has fallen perfectly into it. Sofia Vergara pretty much always wears a dress with a nice cleavage and always pulls it off. The dress draws so much attention to itself and not in a bad way. Overall, I'm loving it.

So thats all for today;s post :) I hope you all enjoyed it as this was my first celebrity fashion post and I will do more of these in the future as the Oscars are coming up and the fashion is always amazing there, right? What were your favourite Golden Globe looks?

Bye! Xo

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  1. I loove Mila Kunis' dress it's so nice X


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