Someday Summary | Friday

Helloooo! I was going to do a review post today but I have done alot of them recently (thats how it feels anyway) so I thought I'd do a someday summary because I haven't done one in a while.


Eating: Special K Biscuit Moments. Special K have once again got me hooked, it was only a couple a months ago I was continuously eating Special K Red Berry cereal bars. The 'biscuit moments' come in blueberry and strawberry flavor and they are both divine.

♡Thinking: Plans for weekend. I am going out tomorrow to take some photos with my friends as we need more for our GCSE photography projects, if any of them are really good I shall make a blog post. Also I made a tumblr, well actually I made it a while ago, but i am going to start using it more lately and its basically a blog filled with some of my favourite photos I have taken. Check it out here.

♡Wanting: To go see The Wolf Of Wall Street. I really really want to see this film, it looks amazing and its up for some Oscars so it must be good. However its an 18 so I won't be able to get in :(

Listening: Lucy Hale! OMG you have no idea how excited I was when she announced she was releasing music, I have loved her for about 3 years now after watching Pretty Little Liars. Her debut single is called 'You Sound Good To Me' Listen here.

♡Watching: American Horror Story. I just started this show as its on Netflix, I'm on Season 1 Episode 3, so far I absolutely love it, its abit creepy but good creepy, if theres a such thing..

♡Loving (Person): Magdalena Frackowiak. Despite having a really hard name to spell, she is flawless. I have seen her face all over tumblr recently and I googled her and spent about an hour looking at all her photoshoots/runway appearances, she literally has no flaws.

So that is it for my someday summary for today! Hope you all have a lovely weekend, I will most likely do a post over the weekend anyways so keep your eyes peeled!

Bye! Xo

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