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Hello everyone. I have kind of become a shampoo addict. Lately, I seem to send a hell of alot of time on websites like Feelunique and Superdrug just searching for new shampoos to use and looking on random websites what the best ones are. I have read a load of blog posts about shampoos & conditioners and I thought I would do (another) one. As you can tell it will be about the L'Occitane Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner. I have had these for just over a month and I have alternated through shampoos and conditioners but I have used these quite a fair bit.

I'm sorry to say this but I just hate the L'Occitane packaging for shampoos & body lotions because the hole at the top is ridiculously small and it takes a while to come out (especially with the body lotion). However, whats inside really makes up for the bad packaging. The first time I used these was actually boxing day, which feels like forever ago now, but when I first used them I wasn't massively thrilled with them. This is because my hair got greasier alot quicker than it normally does which I hate because washing my hair is such a chore. Anyway, after that I kind of just left them on my shelf for a week or two.

I bought a L'Oreal conditioner a while ago and used that with the L'Occitane Volumising Shampoo and I had amazing results. My hair smelt nice, it was shiny, it was volumising (like the name suggests) and not greasy for days. I was really happy because I really didn't want these to go to waste. After this I thought it must be the conditioner that made my hair quite greasy last time. I did use the conditioner again with the Daddy-O Shampoo from Lush. Again, the results were amazing.

Whats strange is I think these two work better when used with different shampoos/conditioners just not together, for my hair anyway. I hope you all enjoyed my little overview of these products. Tomorrow I will (hopefully) be posting my January Favourites! I just need to take the photos in some natural light :) Also if you want the buy them here is the link.

Have you guys tried these? Or any L'Occitane shampoos?

Bye! Xo

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