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Hello! As you are all aware the Grammys happened on the 26th of January and it was amazing (as always). I loved doing my Golden Globe post about some fashion looks so I am doing one again for the Grammys! Hope you all enjoy it, let me know if you like these types of posts :)
Michael Costello dress
Beyonce always look flawless and the Grammys was no exception. This dress was definitely one of my favourites from the night. She completely owned that dress and looked thinner than ever. Her performance was phenomenal. Fashion-wise Beyonce was a winner at the Grammys.
Gucci (I think)
When I thought about doing the post, Taylor Swift was definitely the first outfit that came to mind. I have always seen her fashion kind of hit and miss. Sometimes I'm in love with it and sometimes its like what were you thinking?!? However, this outfit was amazing. Her performance was my favourite of the night aswell. The shimmer on this dress, the make-up and the hair style were all on point.
Lanvin Dress
This outfit, I wasn't massively impressed with. Mainly because I absolutely hate the colour. I think the shoes, hair, make-up and bag definitely complimented the dress as much as they could. Personally, I feel it looks abit tacky but I'm sure the price tag would argue its definitely not trashy in the slightest. Although, Rita was looking pretty cute next to Calvin Harris.
Dolce and Gabbana Dress
Ariana Grande is definitely one of the most down to earth celebritries out there, if you ask me. This dress is something that screams her name. I love the dress, its so cute just like her. I feel like this would have looked a hell of alot better with a different hairstyle but she did explain in a facebook post that when her hair is styled different it looks 'ghetto' because shes dyed it so much so shes excused. Overall though, I really loved this look.
Emilio Pucci Dress
I am aware Sarah Hyland appeared in my Golden Globe post but shes always been one of my fashion favourites. I am not loving this dress as much as the Golden Globe one but I still like it. I think the shoes, dress and bag all fitted together perfectly, I'm just not loving the V cut.

What was your favourite look at the Grammys? 

Bye! Xo


  1. The outfits worn to the Grammy's this year were incredible; I think my favourite was Ariana Grande? Really enjoyed this post - you have a really lovely blog :)


  2. Thank you, you too :) & I absolutely Ariana <3


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