Ebay Selling.

Hey everyone, I am trying to make money which I am finding increasingly difficult (if you have an advice, please tell me). So, I decided to start selling some things that I have that I don't like/never use. Please keep in mind that this is my first time ever selling things over Ebay so if you have any advice, I would love to know! I am starting off by selling:

Sanctuary Spa - Luxury Bath Float (75ml) - LINK Reason: I got this with a sanctuary set and I don't have a bath so I'll never use it.

Jelly Belly | Very Cherry Scented Candle - LINK Reason: I personally don't like it so again, I'll never use it.

Ponche | Lush Shower Gel (100g) - LINK Reason: I really hate the smell of this, I liked it when I bought it and now I regret it, I don't know what changed.

Thats all for now but at the weekend I am going to sort through my room and see if theres anything I no longer have use for. If I build up alot of money, I will do a giveaway on this blog because its kind of a thank you to everyone who reads my blog. :)

Bye! Xo

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