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Hello everyone! As you may (or may not) know I am a huge fan of The Body Shop, I think I've owned every single one of their items at least once in my life. Todays post is about the products I currently own and use regularly. :)

                                                              In-Shower products
All 3 of these products have sort of a shoutout on my blog before as I got the Ginger Sparkle Shower Gel and the Ginger Sparkle Shower Polish for Christmas and I think I may have mentioned the Cranberry Joy Body Polish in a haul post. Anyway, I absolutely adore these, body polishes are my favourite things ever. Sadly coming to the end of my Ginger Sparkle Body Polish and it was limited edition.
Pretty much all The Body Shop fragrances are to die for especially the Cherry Blossom one. I currently only own one Body Shop Fragrance though and that is the Cranberry Joy Body, Room and Linen Spray. I have been using this spray religiously for the past 2 weeks, I love cranberries and I will never tire of it. Again, this was limited edition for Christmas so I will have to try and buy another bottle.

Lip products are my favourite products, wherever I go. I'm not a huge fan of the Born Lippy line they have, they smell amazing don't get me wrong but they are abit sticky. However, I love the lip butter, I currently have the Mango Lip Butter which is to die for! It came with my Mango Body Butter (below).

Body Butters
Lastly, body butters. The Body Shop Body Butters are perfection. I have definitely owned every one at least once, I used to be obsessed. I currently have the Mango and Ginger Sparkle one. They are both too small in my opinion, I need the bigger size of each.

We have reached the end of my collection (sadly). What are your favourite products from The Body Shop?

Bye! Xo

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