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Hello everyone, today I have decided to do my first ever book review on this blog. I absolutely love reviewing things so I thought instead of reviewing products, I would review a book. Hope you all enjoy!

I got this book just before Christmas and read it all within an hour, its not long at all. Its a book filled with 55 essential photography tips, I think they have all helped me in some way. It has a contents page and starts off with the '10 Golden Rules' which some I didn't know. It then goes on to 45 more photography rules/tips. With each tip there is a image to go with it. For example if the tip is about how to use the flash, there will be an image on the opposite page using that technique which is a really good addition to this book.

This book was also very cheap, it was only £4.99 on Amazon (here). I love the feel of it and the shape. It covers every aspect of photography at least once. If you are a beginner to photography then this is exactly what you need, it explains how to use things on your camera and how to make the most of it to get good photos. Covering the flash, iso, aperture, shutter speed, depth of field etc.

I am only really a beginner myself so this book has helped me alot. You will need a more advanced camera than just a small digital camera because there are certain settings on more advanced cameras, you need.

Have you guys read this? Do you recommend any other photography books like this?

Bye! Xo

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