L'Occitane | Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner

Hello everyone. I have kind of become a shampoo addict. Lately, I seem to send a hell of alot of time on websites like Feelunique and Superdrug just searching for new shampoos to use and looking on random websites what the best ones are. I have read a load of blog posts about shampoos & conditioners and I thought I would do (another) one. As you can tell it will be about the L'Occitane Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner. I have had these for just over a month and I have alternated through shampoos and conditioners but I have used these quite a fair bit.

I'm sorry to say this but I just hate the L'Occitane packaging for shampoos & body lotions because the hole at the top is ridiculously small and it takes a while to come out (especially with the body lotion). However, whats inside really makes up for the bad packaging. The first time I used these was actually boxing day, which feels like forever ago now, but when I first used them I wasn't massively thrilled with them. This is because my hair got greasier alot quicker than it normally does which I hate because washing my hair is such a chore. Anyway, after that I kind of just left them on my shelf for a week or two.

I bought a L'Oreal conditioner a while ago and used that with the L'Occitane Volumising Shampoo and I had amazing results. My hair smelt nice, it was shiny, it was volumising (like the name suggests) and not greasy for days. I was really happy because I really didn't want these to go to waste. After this I thought it must be the conditioner that made my hair quite greasy last time. I did use the conditioner again with the Daddy-O Shampoo from Lush. Again, the results were amazing.

Whats strange is I think these two work better when used with different shampoos/conditioners just not together, for my hair anyway. I hope you all enjoyed my little overview of these products. Tomorrow I will (hopefully) be posting my January Favourites! I just need to take the photos in some natural light :) Also if you want the buy them here is the link.

Have you guys tried these? Or any L'Occitane shampoos?

Bye! Xo

Grammys 2014 | Fashion

Hello! As you are all aware the Grammys happened on the 26th of January and it was amazing (as always). I loved doing my Golden Globe post about some fashion looks so I am doing one again for the Grammys! Hope you all enjoy it, let me know if you like these types of posts :)
Michael Costello dress
Beyonce always look flawless and the Grammys was no exception. This dress was definitely one of my favourites from the night. She completely owned that dress and looked thinner than ever. Her performance was phenomenal. Fashion-wise Beyonce was a winner at the Grammys.
Gucci (I think)
When I thought about doing the post, Taylor Swift was definitely the first outfit that came to mind. I have always seen her fashion kind of hit and miss. Sometimes I'm in love with it and sometimes its like what were you thinking?!? However, this outfit was amazing. Her performance was my favourite of the night aswell. The shimmer on this dress, the make-up and the hair style were all on point.
Lanvin Dress
This outfit, I wasn't massively impressed with. Mainly because I absolutely hate the colour. I think the shoes, hair, make-up and bag definitely complimented the dress as much as they could. Personally, I feel it looks abit tacky but I'm sure the price tag would argue its definitely not trashy in the slightest. Although, Rita was looking pretty cute next to Calvin Harris.
Dolce and Gabbana Dress
Ariana Grande is definitely one of the most down to earth celebritries out there, if you ask me. This dress is something that screams her name. I love the dress, its so cute just like her. I feel like this would have looked a hell of alot better with a different hairstyle but she did explain in a facebook post that when her hair is styled different it looks 'ghetto' because shes dyed it so much so shes excused. Overall though, I really loved this look.
Emilio Pucci Dress
I am aware Sarah Hyland appeared in my Golden Globe post but shes always been one of my fashion favourites. I am not loving this dress as much as the Golden Globe one but I still like it. I think the shoes, dress and bag all fitted together perfectly, I'm just not loving the V cut.

What was your favourite look at the Grammys? 

Bye! Xo

Body Shop Products I'm Currently Using

Hello everyone! As you may (or may not) know I am a huge fan of The Body Shop, I think I've owned every single one of their items at least once in my life. Todays post is about the products I currently own and use regularly. :)

                                                              In-Shower products
All 3 of these products have sort of a shoutout on my blog before as I got the Ginger Sparkle Shower Gel and the Ginger Sparkle Shower Polish for Christmas and I think I may have mentioned the Cranberry Joy Body Polish in a haul post. Anyway, I absolutely adore these, body polishes are my favourite things ever. Sadly coming to the end of my Ginger Sparkle Body Polish and it was limited edition.
Pretty much all The Body Shop fragrances are to die for especially the Cherry Blossom one. I currently only own one Body Shop Fragrance though and that is the Cranberry Joy Body, Room and Linen Spray. I have been using this spray religiously for the past 2 weeks, I love cranberries and I will never tire of it. Again, this was limited edition for Christmas so I will have to try and buy another bottle.

Lip products are my favourite products, wherever I go. I'm not a huge fan of the Born Lippy line they have, they smell amazing don't get me wrong but they are abit sticky. However, I love the lip butter, I currently have the Mango Lip Butter which is to die for! It came with my Mango Body Butter (below).

Body Butters
Lastly, body butters. The Body Shop Body Butters are perfection. I have definitely owned every one at least once, I used to be obsessed. I currently have the Mango and Ginger Sparkle one. They are both too small in my opinion, I need the bigger size of each.

We have reached the end of my collection (sadly). What are your favourite products from The Body Shop?

Bye! Xo

Style Crush - Golden Globes

I am abit late on this post as the Golden Globes happened last week and I didn't even watch it. I would've of but I'm not sure if it airs in the UK, to be honest. Anyway, the first thing I did after this award show was of course look at the beauty and fashion, what else are award shows for?
Georges Hobeika Fall 2013 Couture
First up..Sarah Hyland. I am completely in love with her so I would pretty much love her if she came in a bin bag but honestly she was one of my favourites at the Golden Globes. The shades of pink/peach on this dress are phenomenal and her hair is perfection. The make-up, the hair, the dress are all perfect.
Gucci Premiere Dress
Again, I am a huge fan of Mila Kunis. However I just wasn't loving this for her. Its a beautiful dress and she looks stunning but they just don't work for me.  I would have loved it if it was shorter the bottom part of the dress ruins it for me. The beauty though is effortlessly perfect, I need her eyes!
Armani Prive dress and La Perla shoes.
Yes, yes, yes! Absolutely in love with this whole look. The gems, the colour, the shoes. Wow. The clutch is Raowulf, I'm just not feeling that. For me this was just an average look for Nina because shes always on point at events, I mean did you guys see her at the TCAS in 2013?!
Dior dress & Make-up
I love Jennifer Lawrence but this wasn't one of her best. I mean its hard to compete with her previous outfits anyway considering shes had some pretty amazing looks (Oscars 2013, anyone?). Anyway, this just wasn't working for me at all, I would've loved it without the black, It pretty much just looks like she needs them to keep her in the dress. However, I am definitely loving the red lipstick, its always a winner.
Zac Posen with a painted on bodice

Wow. This dress was massive. I love how its been paired with the necklace and the hair has fallen perfectly into it. Sofia Vergara pretty much always wears a dress with a nice cleavage and always pulls it off. The dress draws so much attention to itself and not in a bad way. Overall, I'm loving it.

So thats all for today;s post :) I hope you all enjoyed it as this was my first celebrity fashion post and I will do more of these in the future as the Oscars are coming up and the fashion is always amazing there, right? What were your favourite Golden Globe looks?

Bye! Xo

Photography | Portrait

Happy Tuesday everybody! Today is another one of my purely photography based posts because at the weekend I took some photos and I just wanted to share some of them with you. As you may notice some of these were taken in school and as much as I hate school, I added these ones because we had a professional photographer come in to school with a pop up studio giving us all the chance to take photos on his amazing camera with an awesome pop up studio. Portrait photography is definitely one of my favourite styles of photography and I have taken so many, so these are my favourites. Also the advertisements are obviously fake, I just had fun editing them.

I hope you all enjoyed having a look at some of my photos. Do you guys like portrait photography?

Bye! Xo

5 Favourite Jumpers

Hello! Today is my first fully fashion post, its all about jumpers. I absolutely love jumpers they are my favourite things to wear especially now while the weather is still quite cold. These are my top 5, 3 of them are from New Look, what can I say, I just love New Look!

New Look
New Look
New Look
I hope you all enjoyed this post! What are your favourite places to go for jumpers? :)

Bye! Xo

Someday Summary | Friday

Helloooo! I was going to do a review post today but I have done alot of them recently (thats how it feels anyway) so I thought I'd do a someday summary because I haven't done one in a while.


Eating: Special K Biscuit Moments. Special K have once again got me hooked, it was only a couple a months ago I was continuously eating Special K Red Berry cereal bars. The 'biscuit moments' come in blueberry and strawberry flavor and they are both divine.

♡Thinking: Plans for weekend. I am going out tomorrow to take some photos with my friends as we need more for our GCSE photography projects, if any of them are really good I shall make a blog post. Also I made a tumblr, well actually I made it a while ago, but i am going to start using it more lately and its basically a blog filled with some of my favourite photos I have taken. Check it out here.

♡Wanting: To go see The Wolf Of Wall Street. I really really want to see this film, it looks amazing and its up for some Oscars so it must be good. However its an 18 so I won't be able to get in :(

Listening: Lucy Hale! OMG you have no idea how excited I was when she announced she was releasing music, I have loved her for about 3 years now after watching Pretty Little Liars. Her debut single is called 'You Sound Good To Me' Listen here.

♡Watching: American Horror Story. I just started this show as its on Netflix, I'm on Season 1 Episode 3, so far I absolutely love it, its abit creepy but good creepy, if theres a such thing..

♡Loving (Person): Magdalena Frackowiak. Despite having a really hard name to spell, she is flawless. I have seen her face all over tumblr recently and I googled her and spent about an hour looking at all her photoshoots/runway appearances, she literally has no flaws.

So that is it for my someday summary for today! Hope you all have a lovely weekend, I will most likely do a post over the weekend anyways so keep your eyes peeled!

Bye! Xo

Taylor Swift Perfume Collection | Taylor, Wonderstruck & Wonderstruck Enchanted.

 Hellooooo! I am super excited to do this post because I own all of the perfumes by Taylor Swift, I love them. I took these photos at the weekend because the lighting was good and I had some free time. I do think these photos would be a hell of alot better if I used a tripod so I'm going to try and get one at the weekend :)
First up, my first ever Taylor Swift perfume, and the first one she released, Wonderstruck. I got this for Christmas 2011 and still have alot left, its probably my least favourite scent wise but my favourite bottle wise. The scent is still really nice, I just find it overpowering. This is the only one out of the 3 that I got the bigger version of because each one has a small version (30ml) and a big version (100ml).The bottle is beautiful, its a lovely shade of purple with a chain hanging off it with a bird, spike and a bird cage (I think) on it. Link to buy.
This is Taylor's latest perfume, Taylor. I love this bottle aswell, just not as much as the other one. Its the small version of this perfume. I got this for my birthday in August 2013 and this is my favourite scent out of the all, its so different to the others and I love how they didn't stick to 'Wonderstruck' for everyone of them. The scent is very happy, if you know what I mean. If happy had a scent, I imagine this is what it would smell like. Link to buy.
Lastly, this is Wonderstruck Enchanted, the follow up from Wonderstruck. It has a hint of the Wonderstruck scent but its different. I carry this one in my bag at all times, its kind of just a perfume I have, ever since the day I got it I've just kept it in my bag and used to from time to time. I think I use it less than the others, but its still a lovely scent. Link to buy.

Do any of you own any Taylor Swift perfumes? What do you think of them?

Bye! Xo

A Book Review | Lonely Planet's Best Ever Photography Tips

Hello everyone, today I have decided to do my first ever book review on this blog. I absolutely love reviewing things so I thought instead of reviewing products, I would review a book. Hope you all enjoy!

I got this book just before Christmas and read it all within an hour, its not long at all. Its a book filled with 55 essential photography tips, I think they have all helped me in some way. It has a contents page and starts off with the '10 Golden Rules' which some I didn't know. It then goes on to 45 more photography rules/tips. With each tip there is a image to go with it. For example if the tip is about how to use the flash, there will be an image on the opposite page using that technique which is a really good addition to this book.

This book was also very cheap, it was only £4.99 on Amazon (here). I love the feel of it and the shape. It covers every aspect of photography at least once. If you are a beginner to photography then this is exactly what you need, it explains how to use things on your camera and how to make the most of it to get good photos. Covering the flash, iso, aperture, shutter speed, depth of field etc.

I am only really a beginner myself so this book has helped me alot. You will need a more advanced camera than just a small digital camera because there are certain settings on more advanced cameras, you need.

Have you guys read this? Do you recommend any other photography books like this?

Bye! Xo

TV returns I am beyond excited for!

Happy Saturday, hope you all had a lovely day :) For those of you who don't know, I am a massive TV addict, all
American TV shows despite the fact I am not American.

PLL girls.
Pretty Little Liars - How can you not be excited for Pretty Little Liars?! Honestly one of the most addicting shows I've ever seen. It came back on Tuesday and this is the second half of season 4, it went on its official hiatus after October. If you've never seen Pretty Little Liars, you're seriously missing out.

The Fosters - This show was new last year to ABC Family, which we don't get here (as far as I know). Its about two lesbian parents who have adopted 4  kids and its so sweet, it has been renewed for a second season and the second half of season one returns on 13th January. 

Twisted - This is another new show that started last year, I actually think it started at the same time as The Fosters. It has Avan Jogia in who I absolutely adore. It is a drama like the others but its more involved in crime, I'd say. It has an amazing story line so I see it going far like Pretty Little Liars.

The Vampire Diaries - This show is one of my addictions. I think I've seen every episode at least twice. It returned with season 5 in late October then went on a mini hiatus from the middle of December but finally returns on 23rd of January with its 100th episode. The reason I say it 'finally' returns because although it hasn't actually been that long, it left the show on a cliffhanger so I can't wait any longer for the new episode!

How I Met Your Mother - This show is everything. Its genuinely my favourite show ever, it also went on a mini hiatus in December. As this is the last season I was happy it went on a hiatus so it would feel like the season lasted longer because I really don't want it to end! 

These are the main 5 shows I am excited for! I am also excited for New Girl & 2 Broke Girls to return aswell as they went on a hiatus over Christmas :( Do you guys watch these shows? What TV returns are you excited for?


Whats in my bag?

Hello lovelys, thank you all for the pageviews and I apoligise for the less frequent posts, I did explain in a previous post why. Anyway, today I doing a 'Whats in my bag?' post because I personally enjoy reading these and I thought it would be fun to make one! I apoligise for the quality of the photos although they are taken with the same camera as my others, I waited to take these in natural light but the sky was so dull you can hardly tell. I promise to increase the quality of my images because I know I can take better photos. On with the post...

 Water - I personally see this as an essential because I get thirsty very easily. I used to buy a new bottle of water every time I'd go out because I just hated refilling the same bottle over and over again but its alot easier to just keep using the same one. After all, you need to be hydrated, right?

Eos Lipbalm - I don't always take this lip balm with me, it changes alot. However recently my lips have not been enjoying this cold weather at all so this is kind of a lip lifesaver for me, works every time.

Baby Lips - To be totally honest, I barely use this. I kinda fell for the hype when they were first available in Boots (a drugstore) because before that I couldn't find anywhere that sold them near me. I'm not dissatisfied with this product at all, its just no really 'me'.

Wonderstruck Enchanted Perfume - I own all 3 of the Taylor Swift perfumes and they are all so lovely (this may be biased as I love Taylor Swift). Anyway, this one is the smallest so that is purely the reason why I keep this one in my bag. Not to mention, it smells divine.

Hand Sanitizer - The amount of times I have used this is unreal. You seriously need hand sanitizer more than you know, there have been many times when I have needed this. 100% recommend you carry one of these.

Phone & Cards - My phone case has card slots which at first I thought was really...lame. However, they do come in use because I find myself carrying my phone more than putting it in my bag so when I am paying for things, I can easily get the cards out. FYI: The cards in my case are Costa Coffee, Subway & Starbucks.

Purse - Finally, my purse, of course! As everywhere I go, I pretty much always need money (sadly), my purse is from Forever 21 which I did mention in a previous post.

Thats it! I hope you enjoyed this, I enjoyed writing it as I feel like I've spent ages without writing a nice blog post even though its only been 3 days I think. What do you guys keep in your bag/purse?

Bye! Xo

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