Kendall Jenner // Vogue January 2015

How insane does it sound to say 2015?! Where has this year gone? I have noticed my fashion posts get more attention than my beauty posts here on Magazines and Dreams so today's post is about an editorial Kendall Jenner did for Vogue US in the January 2015 (!) issue shot by David Sims. This post features my favourite looks from this editorial, let me know what type of fashion posts you would like to see in the comments!

Proenza Schouler

Hilfiger Collection



Michael Kors

This editorial was to show this seasons crop jackets so I have added underneath the designer/brand of each crop jacket. I love this shot especially the second image that snake skin skirt is to die for ($890 is abit out of my price range). Kendall also had a editorial in Vogue US December 2014 and I am so proud of how much she is accomplishing considering all the hate she gets. Hope you enjoyed this post, I want to start doing posts on editorials I like considering I buy an unhealthy amount of magazines.

Christmas Spirit

As Christmas is quite literally around the corner I thought I would do a post on Christmas. To start with do you like the new blog design? I realise this is not Christmas related but I love it and its alot more professional than my old one and its main colours are pink & blue which are my favourite colours so its pretty much perfect.

Today I got my first official Christmas present from one of my friends in college as we did secret santa and I received Love & Wilde hand cream in honey & vanilla, Baby Lips & Barry M nail polish in 'Berry Cosmo'. I was beyond happy with these gifts because they are all my favourite things and I actually don't own that Baby Lip's which is surprising. I also featured my Kate Moss nail polish in this post because I am currently wearing it and its very festive, its also my first Kate Moss Rimmel product and I love it! Definitely going to pick up the lipsticks sometime.

I wanted to get some super christmassy photos for this post but honestly my room doesn't look that festive, I have a blue tree with tinsel on it as I broke my lights for it (oops) but I love having colourful trees, for the past few years I've had a pink christmas tree but sadly its legs broke. I also have pear baubles which I've had for years now and I absolutely love them.

I never normally wrap presents to be honest, I'm more of a gift bag person because its less hassle but I decided I'm going to wrap all my presents this year in adorable Disney wrapping paper, I'm still waiting for alot of presents to come as I ordered them off Amazon so when they come I'm going to have so many gifts under that tree! I'm feeling the Christmas spirit now as I wasn't feeling very festive at the beginning of December like I normally do but I cannot wait for Christmas to come now and of course the January Sales!

Rimmel // Brow Products

In August I posted a review of the Rimmel Brow This Way Clear Gel and it became one of my most popular posts for a while. I repurchased the same brow gel last week with 2 other products as Rimmel were offering 3 for 2 and if you bought 3 Rimmel products you got a free Kate Moss nail polish which is gorgeous. Today's post is about these products as they all relate to brows and I have been getting really into brows lately because I never used to bother with them but how your eyebrows look can change everything, hate to sound that dramatic but its true!

Firstly I bought the Rimmel Brow This Way Styling Gel in clear and this has become such an essential in my everyday make-up routine, I honestly don't know how I lived without it. My eyebrows can get a bit crazy when I haven't had them waxed in a while and this gel is such a saviour for around them times. I just had my eyebrows done about 3 days ago and they are quite thin but this gel is still essential because it just keeps them in place and it weirdly smells amazing, plus its only £3.99 which is a bargain. Down side is its quite small and it gets dirty quite quick.

Next up is the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in dark brown. This is also a repurchase as I first bought this is May as mentioned in this haul. The pencil has not ran out but the brush is ruined completely and I needed a new pencil as I had previously bought the wrong shade but you can pass it off if you blended it with some eyeshadow. This pencil is the only eyebrow pencil I have ever used and I love it! It works perfectly for me so I don't feel the need to buy any other eyebrow pencils because this one is affordable and does the job really well.

Lastly is the Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Kit. I am super excited to have this because I have just been filling my eyebrows in with a pencil and some eyeshadow (and doing a terrible job may I add) but this kit comes with proper brow tools to define your brows and make them look smooth. I love this so much, it fills my eyebrows in gorgeously and doing that it really defines my whole face which is a bonus. I am so happy I got this because my brows look better than ever with them.

That concludes my post on brows! What eyebrow products are your favourites? I still need to try the Benefit Gimmebrow but not sure if its worth the money.

Favourite Looks from VSFS 2014

Aloha, a fashion post here today as I haven't done one in ages! As you probably know the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was filmed last week and aired yesterday and I saw the photos online and as per usual they were drop dead gorgeous. I have seen every VSFS and every year I obsess over the models, sorry the ANGELS and the outfits are insanely beautiful. I was particularly excited this year as Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift were performing, two of my favourite singers and they looked flawless. Not to mention Taylor also performed last year so she is killing it! Here are my favourite looks from the magical night, enjoy 

How amazing are these ladies? I need to go the gym right now! What looks were your favourite?

Rimmel // Extra Super Lash Mascara

I absolutely love mascara, it was the first make-up I ever used. After using so many different mascaras I realized I have never actually wrote a post on one so I thought it needed to be done. Currently I own 3 mascaras and the one featured on my blog today is the Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara.

I picked this up because I needed a new mascara as I had had mine for about 6 months and it was getting all disgusting, I saw this mascara for £4.99 so I thought I would give it ago. This mascara is amazing for its price and it does the job, it extends my lashes as you can see. What I hate about this mascara is how it can come out quite thick leaving some lashes with a load of mascara on and others without. It doesn't always separate your lashes that well but I find that with most mascaras.

I would definitely re-purchase this mascara because its handy to have in your bag or take on holiday with you because it makes your lashes look natural yet beautiful. Not to mention its super affordable and does the job! I am currently wanting a Lancome mascara, hoping to pick it up in the January sales! What mascara do you guys use?

Tea Tree Face Wash // Lemon & Pink Grapefruit

As I have mentioned on this blog I pretty much only use tea tree face wash because it does my skin the world of good but I hate the scent of tea tree. I used The Body Shop tea tree face wash for a few months but I wanted a change and I knew Superdrug did these scented tea tree face washes that are so much nicer than The Body Shop one.

I went in and they were buy one get one free which was such a steal. I like that they opted for citrus fruits with these face washes because that is the wake up you need in the morning, I'm not the biggest fan of pink grapefruit scents but this face wash isn't that strong and its good for your skin so I'm not complaining! However, I do love lemon. Lemon scented anything, I guarantee I will love so I obviously had to pick up this lemon facewash and lemon is also good for your skin so its a win-win situation.

These foam up quite alot compared to The Body Shop one which is the downside of these because its so annoying and it goes in your eyes which is not enjoyable. I will probably be repurchasing The Body Shop tea tree face wash when these are gone because although the scent is 10x better, The Body Shop one lasts a hell of alot longer and is probably more beneficial to your skin which is the priority. What tea tree face washes would you recommend?

Bourjois // 3D Effet Lip Gloss

Yes I've bought more lip products but I couldn't resist these gems. Bourjois are a brand I love and I hadn't tried anything from them until a few months ago and I have been impressed with every product I've tried. I picked up these 3D effet lip glosses last month and I realise they have been around for a while, they are not a new thing but I only just discovered them and I'm in love.

Firstly I got the Les Cocktails/Cassis Tropical one from poundland, YES POUNDLAND. A massive steal considering they sell the exact same lip gloss in Superdrug for about £6.99. I got it because it was £1 basically and I didn't expect much but its one of my favourite lip glosses, the application is so easy. The next one I got, I have no idea what its actually called but its from the nude collection I think. I got it from eBay for about £3 which, again, is such a steal. These lipglosses are amazing and I need to pick up more they last a long time, the application is easy.

Pick them up here in Boots. I am so impressed with these and I need to explore Bourjois more, I will be visiting the Bourjois counter in the January sales! What Bourjois products do you recommend?

The Bluecoat

I was feeling very inspired yesterday to take some pictures of just scenery that I visit alot because I never realise just how beautiful some places are. I was having lunch yesterday at The Bluecoat which is a gallery here where I live and they have a cafe and a beautiful outdoor space to eat. The weather wasn't the best, I admit, but never the less I wanted to share some images with you guys, enjoy!

As I previously mentioned on my blog I want to add abit more lifestyle to my blog so this post fits that theme! Let me know what other lifestyle posts you want to see! :)

Taylor Swift // Monochrome Inspiration

Aloha so Taylor Swift pretty much always kills it when it comes to street style and her latest look is this beautiful monochrome look. I have been loving monochrome lately and it is definitely a strong theme in my winter wardrobe, this look is making me wish for summer so I can walk around in skirts and no tights!

I saw this floating around Tumblr and I was in love. I love the 1975 (who doesn't?), in case you haven't noticed Taylor Swift has awesome taste in pretty much everything. Sporting a band tee with a skater skirt is beautiful, it fits perfectly together and shows off her legs which are beautiful. Keeping it casual with flats aswell, I think Taylor has pretty much nailed this look. Not to mention her classic red lip, she pulls it off so well.

1975 Tank / Charlotte Russe Plaid Peplum Skater Skirt / YSL Lipstick / Sophie Hulme Black Box Leather Tote Bag / Taylor Perfume / Ray Bans

I would love to recreate this look in the summer months and I'm thinking H&M or Zara would be perfect for this. What do you think of Taylor's look?


Life Lately

I haven't been posting alot throughout November and I am so sorry about that! I have had so much bloggers block its unreal, I haven't even been reading people's blogs that much either. I feel like my life is just working and going to college which sucks because I haven't seen alot of my friends in weeks (which is a long time for us). I am so happy to have a job because I have my own money to spend on what I want but I'm pretty much in work everyday I'm not in college especially leading up to Christmas as I work in retail. I have taken enough blog photos for about 15 posts, I took them weeks ago as well but I just haven't written a post to go with them.

I have been reading alot of blogs the past few days which has given me back the blogging spirit I was in need of. My personal favourite blog right now is her blog is seriously amazing (Google will translate it for you). I want to start making my blog abit more lifestyle and fashion as beauty has been the main focus on this blog recently which isn't a bad thing at all but I don't want to be categorized as just a beauty blog. I am dying to do OOTD posts but I currently don't own a camera because I sold mine in order to get money for a new one but I'm getting it as a Christmas present so I will have to wait a month. I do have my dad's camera and my friends have camera's so I may get them to take some OOTD posts for me, so hopefully I will have a few of them in the next few weeks!

Just wanted to do a quick life update about where I'm at right now so I will leave some general life inspiration below taken from my tumblr as I don't want to leave this post without pictures. Bye. 

Nivea // Lip Butters

Its been a while since I last posted and I am incredibly sorry! I have had so much work to do recently, I just started my very first job so its a shock to my system and when I sat down to blog, I got major bloggers block. I am back, I have taken so many photos for upcoming blog posts and I intend to post alot more frequently than I have been because blogging is something I really enjoy doing and I don't want to spend all day going to college then going to work, wheres the fun in that?

Lets get on with the post! I love lip products, I'm sure I've mentioned this before, I own way too much lip balm. My mum got me these Nivea Lip Butters which I had heard of and they were raved about by many beauty vloggers (especially in America) so I was excited to get my hands on them. I have the raspberry and original ones, you can also get blueberry and caramel which I will be trying!

I'm not sure exactly what the difference is between lip butter and lip balm but I find lip butter isn't as hydrating to my lips, from my experience with The Body Shop lip butters but these lip butters are 10x better at hydrating. I still think that lip balm's do a much better job at hydrating but these aren't bad. Lip butter's are alot thicker and give your lips more of a shine which is always a benefit, not to mention they smell amazing! I always get dry lips in the autumn/winter time so I have been using these like crazy.

For me, original is better. Although the raspberry one has a very fruity scent, I find myself licking it off my lips (ew I know). However, they both add a gorgeous shine to my lips, I am a big fan of lip balm's in tins than a chapstick anyway. Definitely one of the best lip products I have used in a while get them here. Also, I used my dads camera for these photos so they are alot sharper, I am getting a DSLR for Christmas so soon all my images will look that sharp, exciting!


Seventeen // Lip Lustres

As you probably know Boots have their own cosmetic lines No. 7 and Seventeen, I have always been a huge fan of them as there is a Boots about 5 minutes away from my house so I always find myself going there even when I don't need anything. I love the Seventeen range as it is alot more affordable than the No. 7 line and I recently bought the Seventeen Lip Lustres which are only £3.99 and currently 3 for 2!

My lip collection is mainly just different shades of pink and red to be honest so I wanted to buy some shades that weren't pink or red. I found it incredibly hard because I suit pink better than any colour but I did invest in two lip lustres that were different to any that I own. I got 'Ice Maiden' and 'Kiss The Stars' which still carry a hint of pink in them but they are also peach/orange which is refreshing. I did pick up 'Queen of the Diamonds' as well because it was such a lovely colour and its very subtle, even though I definitely don't need any more pinks.

The lip lustres themselves are wonderful. I have heard some bad reviews on them but I honestly love them, they are £3.99 which is a wonderful price, they give such a glossy shine to your lips and in such a range of shades it is hard to find one you don't love. I would say they are not the best at moisturising your lips so I always use lip balm underneath them, they aren't sticky which was a relief because that is such a pet hate of mine. They last for a decent amount of time on your lips so you don't have to constantly re-apply, I would completely recommend these! What do you think of the Seventeen Lip Lustre's?

B. // Micellar water

Micellar water is something that has never really appealed to me because I don't really like the idea of not rinsing off your cleanser but I thought I would give it ago because I've seen rave reviews on micellar water everywhere. The B. line in Superdrug were offering buy one get one free on all their products so I thought why not? It was only £4.99 and I also got the make-up wipes.

I was pleasantly surprised with how much I loved this because on paper it seems like something I would hate and I was paranoid it would clog my pores but I have been using it for a while now and I love it. I have recently just bought the Garnier micellar water because I have been reading a ton of reviews on that. Anyway back to this one, it is super affordable and it does work. I removes your face make-up perfectly but it sucks for eye make-up which is why I use a seperate make-up remover for my eyes.

This is the only micellar water I have ever used but I am sold! It is such a quick and efficient way of removing make-up, iI'm not sure about it being the best cleanser because its hard to believe that it can cleanse, tone and remove make-up but its not giving me any breakouts so I am happy. What other micellar waters would you guys recommend? I want to try more of them!

Monthly Favourites // October

Hello loves, cannot believe November is in 2 days! I'm loving the autumn weather and this is definitely my favourite part of the year, I'm so excited for the next few months. Anyway, I have my October favourites today as I have done hardly any shopping this month, my favourites are smaller than usual but never the less, enjoy. :)

Clinique Chubby Stick in 'Maga Melon' / LINK
I have been lusting after the chubby sticks from Clinique for a few months now and never got around to buying one but I finally got my hands on this one in 'Maga Melon' which is a gorgeous shade, I am not at all disappointed with these as Clinique are such a good brand I definitely had high expectations. I realize I am late on the bandwagon with these but if you have never used one, you need to!

Maybelliene Baby Lips in 'Mango Pie' / LINK
Baby Lip's are widely known and this is definitely not the first one I have used, I think I pretty much own them all now except the neon ones but this month I have been using this one like crazy. Mango is one of my favourite scents and I love Baby Lips so this was perfect for me. It is also super moisturising which is essential in this weather, not the mention you can get these for just a £1!

Topshop Nails in 'Buttermilk' / LINK
I did a post on this nail polish just last week and it has definitely been my favourite nail polish this month and one of my favourites all time. It is such a lovely shade and lasts so long, Topshop nail polishes are one of my favourites anyway but I hadn't bought one for a while so when I bought this, I was reminded just how good these nail polishes are.

The Body Shop Mandarin & Tangelo Body, Room & Linen Spray / LINK
I got this for my birthday back in August off my friend Amy and at first I was abit unsure because orange isn't my favourite scent so I didn't use it for a while but I started using it and it has grown on me so much, its so refreshing and although you can smell in orange, its not overpowering. I still prefer the Pomegranate & Raspberry one though.

Music: Taylor Swift 1989
I am a massive Taylor Swift fan and have been for so long now so I was beyond excited for her new album 1989 and it was so much better than I ever imagined it could be. its seriously flawless. Go give it a listen, sadly it is not on Spotify. :(

So there are my October favourites, what are your October favourites?

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