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Someday Summary

I though I would start doing someday summaries. If you don't know what they are its where you basically sum up your day in a cute little text post once in a while, I thought it would encourage me to blog more as it doesn't take that long and its fun.

I am loving...

♡Food: Carrot Sticks. Bit random I know but I am trying to eat healthier and these are just the perfect healthy snack.
♡Book: Fashion Photography 101. This book is amazing if you love fashion photography, its by Lara Jade. You can buy it here. I would definitely recommend it if you want to make it as fashion photographer its an amazing guide.
♡TV Show:Freaks and Geeks. I recently just started watching and I know it started and ended years ago so I am abit late on the bandwagon for it. But its never to late, right?
♡Music: Ariana Grande. I've been in love with Ariana Grande's voice for about 2 years now and I do always listen to her alot but lately I have been listening to alot more of her as she has released a few Christmas songs, they are all so beautiful. (Although everything she sings sound beautiful regardless what its about).
♡Nails: Pink! As you can see in the image above my nails are currently a light pink and last week they were a hot pink, I'm just loving pink nails right now. By the way, my nails in the picture are 862 'Something Sweet' by China Glaze.
♡Product: Lip Balms. I have mainly been using my eos lip balm because my lips aren't doing well with the recent weather and eos lip balms sooth my lips amazingly well. 

Life Update! 

I finish school tomorrow for just over 2 weeks for Christmas! Yay. So I will have alot more time to have fun and relax which ultimately means I will have more time to blog and more things to blog about. Also I am looking for a better and less basic template for my blog as I barely have any money with not having a job and spending all the money I get on Christmas Presents so I can't really afford to buy on right now. My next post will probably be in 2-3 days as I have plans (for once!) tomorrow and the next day. Hope you enjoyed this post! Xo

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