November Favourites!

Happy December! This year has gone so fast, wow. Anyway, so as I have done some shopping this month I thought I would do a November favourites post. I don't have alot or at least I don't have as much as I wanted because the majority of the products I have bought this month have been Christmas presents. I love giving people Christmas presents but I hate buying them, I just wanna keep them all for myself :c

The first things I love are these two nail polishes by Rimmel. One is number 702 called marshmallow heaven (left) and the other one is number 404 called ballet pump perfection (right). I have worn them both once since I got them and they are long lasting finish like they say! My favourite is the ballet pump perfection one, I just love the colour and on that photo it looks redish but its actually a hot pink, in some light I thought it was red I couldn't get the correct colour with my camera sadly :(

Next is clothing. I only have one clothing product to discuss really as all the other clothes I bought last month (not alot anyway) I haven't worn yet aha. They are jeans, and I really love them because they have a size (8,10 etc.) but you also have the length aswell. The problem I always have is the waist is fine but the length is too long but these jeans are perfect on both. They were from Matalan and I can't remember how much tbh I think they were £14? They were fairly cheap,
I remember. They are a light faded blue colour (if you can see on the picture).

Moving on to skin care products, one I love this month is Anew Clinical eye cream. It is specifically for line correcting. Up to now I haven't noticed a massive difference but I love how it feels on my skin, after I use it around my eye is so smooth!

Lastly, my favourite song and TV show of November. My favourite song is 'Rooting for my baby - Miley Cyrus' (listen here) I have listened to this song about 100 times in the past 2 weeks, its addicting. My favourite TV show has been Ja'mie:Private School Girl. Its hilarious, it airs in Austrailia so I've been watching online. I would totally recommend it, season 1 has finished now and I'm not sure that there is going to be a season 2 but I hope so!

Bye! Xo

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