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Hello everyone! Hope you're all having a nice day, yesterday I did some shopping in the sales and I was going to save this post but since how I'm not doing anything today, I thought I would share with you guys what I got. Just a quick note, this post contains no clothing items (surprisingly) as I didn't actually buy any clothes for once. Enjoy. :)

                                                                      Forever 21
Cha-ching purse. I got this because I was in need of a new purse, it wasn't in the sales. Actually nothing I got from Forever 21 was in the sales. Anyway, I got this purse purely because it feels nice, I wish you could feel it over the internet. It's so soft and the colour is beautiful.
Nail tool set. This was such an impulse buy, I didn't plan on buying a nail kit ever really, but when I saw it I wanted it so much because it also feels really nice and it was quite cheap. I thought if I bought it, I would have more encouragement to shape my nails better and more often because the shape of my nails is truly embarrassing.
Tote Bag. This was also an impulse buy in a way. I did want to buy a bag when I went out just not a tote bag, but when I was in the queue to pay I saw it and I just picked it up as they said 'next please' so I am happy I got it because it's so cute.

Daddy-O shampoo. I have never used this shampoo before but it smells amazing! To be totally honest I only picked it up because it was purple, then I smelt it, read what it was and bought it. It's a shampoo for blonde's to keep their blonde in check. As my hair is dyed blonde, I thought it might help keep my hair as blonde as possible, for as long as possible. It also smells like palma violets, which is always a bonus.
Ponche shower gel. This shower gel was in the sale, there was only 2 shower gels in sales and this was the best one if you ask me. Its called 'Ponche' which is a cool name, it smells amazing (like everything in lush) and it was reduced to £3 I think. They had bigger ones but I thought about it and I already got about 5 bottles of shower gel for Christmas so I didn't need it.
(Sorry for the bad photo, these products where hard to get a good photo of)

                                                                   The Body Shop
Cranberry Joy Body Polish. I really didn't need anything I got from The Body Shop but last year I got a lot of cranberry joy products and this year I got none, I thought they just didn't make any this year so when I went to The Body Shop I was unbelievably happy when I saw them. This body polish was 50% off and the lid is abit broken but I'm sure I'll survive.
Cranberry Joy Body, Linen & Room Spray. I absolutely love The Body Shop's body, linen and room spray's, I think I've been through about 5 this year. I also love cranberry joy so this was something I just had to buy, even though I didn't really need it.
Sweet Lemon Hand Cleanse Gel. This is the first hand cleanse gel I've ever bought from The Body Shop and I've used it once since yesterday. I love lemon so I can't see myself hating it and its the perfect size to put in your bag.
 Tea Tree Mud Mask. I got 2 of these and its probably my a millionth time buying them, tea tree face masks are all I really use as they leave my skin looking and feeling amazing. The Superdrug ones are favourite, I also love The Body Shop tea tree face mask as well, its just a bit overpriced for what it is.
L'oreal Triple Resist Hair Masque. This is my first time using a L'oreal hair masque and one of the first hair masques I've really used. I've used it once since I got it and it smells amazing, left my hair untangled and my hair looking amazing so I can't complain so far. I may do a full length review on it in the future.
Batiste Coconut & Exotic Tropical Dry Shampoo. This is the first time I've used this specific dry shampoo, I've always used Batiste as a dry shampoo and never been disappointed. I usually use the one made specifically for blondes, it doesn't smell as good as this one but my hair looks slightly lighter after using it.

I also bought a Teen Vogue as you can see in my first image because its one of my favourite magazines!

That is it for my haul, I hope you liked it. I hope to do a haul at least once a month because they are fun posts to make and it gives me an excuse to go shopping.

Bye! Xo

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