Favourite places to shop online!♡

Happy December! I shop online alot more than I do in stores because its just easier and I've never had any problems :) So here are 5 of my favourite places to shop online:

1. Amazon.co.uk
I absolutely love Amazon for everything, literally everything. Clothes, Food, Drinks, Books etc. Its my go-to website for anything and everything. Its cheaper than going to an actual shop and easier if you ask me. Also alot of products are free p & p which is a bonus.

2. Asos.com
I think Asos is essentially where my shopping online addiction started because when I first got my debit card I spent about 3 hours shopping on this site. Its free p & p worldwide! So you don't lose any money on paying p & p which kind of sold me on the website. Also the clothes are really good quality in my experience as none of them have ever ripped or arrived broken so far good service :)

3. Feelunique.com
I used to use feelunique alot for my make-up but now I use amazon alot more if I need some. However, I do still use this alot for skin/body care or perfume because its free delivery over £10 and I tend to spend over £10 every time I use this site. This christmas I've also ordered alot of gift sets because I think gift sets are the perfect presents and they sell them at reasonable prices so I would completely recommend this site if you're stuck for gift ideas.

4. Ebay.co.uk
I love love love Ebay! I find it alot cheaper than most places. Although, I do find that the product quality isnt as good as alot of places. I've never faced any problems with Ebay though and my parents sell alot of things on Ebay so its good for you if you're in need of extra cash :) I don't like this as much as Amazon but if Amazon doesn't have what I'm looking for this is my second choice.

5. Fashionunion.com
Fashionunion is alot like Asos in the sense that its a clothing website for women. The design is also very similar which is why I love them both so much, the sites are easy to use and a clean design. no clutter. However, fashionunion doesn't have free delivery like Asos but the clothes are really amazing so I'll forgive them.

So these are 5 of my favourite websites to use when I do online shopping! I hope you guys check these out, you won't regret it :)

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