Dinner at Pho

Hello my loves, something new today my first ever food post! I think this is my first fully food post anyway and I am excited to share my thoughts with you all. I recently went down and tried a new Vietnamese restaurant Pho with fellow blogger Holly. I was excited to try the menu because I had heard great things about it.

We were greeted by Codie our lovely hostess who gave us an overview of the menu and told us the specials. I was nervous/excited because I am quite a fussy eater and I have never been one to try cultured food seeing chopsticks instead of knives and forks got me abit stressed, not gonna lie. We first ordered drinks and I opted for a green tea lemonade which was insanely gorgeous (you can see how happy I was with it) I literally ordered 4 of them throughout the night.

We then ordered our food and got given some prawn crackers to snack on which are my favourites. For starters I got the crispy chicken wings with sriracha and I have been dreaming about them ever since, hands down the best chicken wings I have ever had and I normally don't enjoy chicken on the bone. If these were anything to go by then my main was surely going to be heavenly.

Our main meals arrived and I got the shredded chicken salad with Asian herbs, peppers and a chilli ginger dressing. This didn't look too filling but oh my god I couldn't finish it! It was gorgeous, I chose to eat mine with a knife and fork because I was only imagining the disasters I would face using chop sticks. This salad was so satisfying, I always go for a chicken salad when I'm in restaurants and this one was especially gorgeous.

Lastly, we couldn't leave without dessert, right? My favourite part of the whole meal was this Pandan pancake with roasted coconut served with mango sorbet. I chose to get it with mango sorbet no matter how weird the choices may seem, but they went together perfectly. I genuinely could have eaten another one, and of course with my dessert I ordered another green tea lemonade.

I am so happy I got the opportunity to try Pho and I am surprised at myself for enjoying it so much. Check out the full website here as they have loads of restaurants dotted around, the one I went to was the one on Bold Street here in Liverpool and I highly recommend you visit!

Love, Heather x

OOTD // Pink Denim

The sun finally came out in Liverpool so I took the opportunity to shoot an OOTD post for you all. I have missed taking outfit pictures because there is so many outfits I want to post and loads of gorgeous streets around Liverpool. For this look I am wearing my pink denim jacket from Topshop which is incredibly comfy and so so pretty! Not to mention 30% of proceeds go to cancer research.

I styled this jacket with my favourite high waisted grey jeans from H&M and my comfy striped body suit from Next which I have worn in a previous OOTD. This is such a staple look that you could easily wear everyday and I seem to be seeing pink everywhere. I loved the subtle rips in the sleeve and the shade of pink is my favourite.

I hope this lovely weather keeps up so I can share more OOTD posts with you all, I love what I'm seeing in high street stores this season and I can't wait to purchase even more clothes. Thats all for my outfit of the day posts and I hope you all have an amazing week, don't let the Monday blues get you.

Love, Heather x

LIV Organic & Natural Food Market // Event & Goody Bag

Hey guys! Just last week I was invited to the launch night of the LIV Organic & Natural Food Market on Bold Street, the night was filled with food, drinks and entertainment. I had heard a lot about this market prior to the event and I was excited to explore what was inside, for a start the shop is massive it reminds me of an American supermarket like Whole Foods. The variety of products was insane, I discovered brands I didn't even know existed and tried delicious vegan goodies.

There were free samples laid out in the eatery with free beverages, I had about 4 of the sparkling blackcurrant drinks and the staff were so lovely. The free cupcakes were also delicious I must have scoffed about 4 of them, I am not a vegan but the brownies and the bakewell muffins were absolutely insane! Throughout the night there was also a live pianist playing and singing some amazing songs, and little stall all around the shop for you to sample the new brands.

There was a sea of bloggers throughout the night, along with the press covering the event. Overall, it was such a lovely atmosphere and I of course did a bit of shopping I purchased some herbal tea from The English Tea Shop, along with some vegan marshmallows and some lovely yogurt from Brown Cow Organics. Before leaving we were treated to a goodie bag featuring more of the gorgeous products!

Inside the goodie bag Australian vegan beauty brand Inika threw in a loose mineral foundation and loose mineral bronzer, I have never been one for powder foundations as my skin is prone to dryness but I will definitely give these products a try. A company I had never heard of before JASON gave out some samples of their shampoo, moisturiser and body wash. I am yet to try these but I did have a look at their stall on the night and they smell divine.

Lisa's Organic Craft Crisps were giving out a goodie bag with 2 packs of crisps in and they also had bowls of the flavours for you to try. I am such a fan of crisps and I thought these were heavenly, my personal favourite was the alpine rock salt ones but I recommend you try all of them they are gorgeous! The last few goodies in the bag was some foot cream from Bioturm, hand cream from Lavera and body moisturiser from Good Day Organics which although is a mens grooming company I am excited to try this moisturiser as my skin benefits greatly from oils. These companies are all natural & organic so I am excited to use these products and get a feel for the company and make more purchases in the future.

So if you are in Liverpool and near Bold Street get your booty down to this shop because you will not be disappointed and there is an endless amount of choices and also a cafe for you to lounge in.

Love, Heather xo


I'm back, so sorry about being super quiet on the blogging scene yet again! I have been really busy working and studying as boring as that sounds but a few weeks ago I shot this OOTD post because I really need to get back into the routine of blogging as its one of my favourite things to do in life. We had a rare sunny day in Liverpool so I woke up and I had to take some photos because the weather has honestly been so depressing these past few weeks, summer needs to hurry up.

This is a very casual look that I have worn a few times now because its super comfy and stylish. This denim skirt is from the Ariana Grande Lipsy collection that hit the stores a few months ago, I picked up this skirt in the sale after eyeing it up for a while and its one of the comfiest skirts I own. I have worn this on a few nights out if anyone follows me on Instagram, its really stretchy and so comfy. As this went in the sale I don't think its available to buy anymore sadly. This bag is from Just Fab which my mum got me for Christmas and is one of the best bags I have ever owned, it works with so many outfits and its so spacious I carry my whole life round in it.

I paired this skirt with a black and white striped bodysuit I got from Next, this is one of my staple pieces in my wardrobe as its goes with so much and again its really comfy. I wear this under my dungarees, with jeans and now with the skirt. Again this went in the sale aswell so is unavailable to buy anymore but everywhere is selling bodysuits at the minute I have bought so many, I don't know how I was surviving without one! On top of this top I worn my Forever 21 black leather jacket, god knows how long I've had this jacket but I practically live in it, its just a wardrobe must have.

These boots are also from Just Fab which I got along with the bag as they had an offer on and these are very subtle boots, I wear them in my day to day outfits as they go well with most outfits. I wish the weather was warm enough for no tights but despite the sun shining this day was still quite cold because when does England ever get hot? I'm so excited for summer to come round so I can fill my feed with OOTD posts!

Thats it for todays OOTD post, it feels so good to be blogging again I have been meaning to write this post everyday for about a week now so I'm happy to finally be posting it for you all. I will definitely be shooting some more fashion posts as the weather is picking up also on Friday I am off to The Body Shop for a little blogging event and that post will be up next week.

Love Heather xo

Yard and Coop Blogger Night

Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of being invited to a blogger evening with a brand new restaurant called Yard and Coop, I have never actually attended a restaurant opening in all the years of having my blog and it did not disappoint. If you can't already tell by the name it is a chicken restaurant and as a big lover of it all I was very excited.

The whole layout of the restaurant was stunning, they had coops which looked just like chicken coops which I thought was a great idea and made the atmosphere really cute. The food was gorgeous, I am fuming that I didn't get a snap of my food to share with you all because I am not lying when I say it tasted amazing and looked amazing!

We started the night off with some cocktails and given it being a chicken restaurant the cocktails had eggs in. I absolutely loved them, could have drank them all night (kind of did drink them all night). Now if you're thinking 'I'm a vegetarian, what there for me?' let me tell you they do a lot of non-meat options. If you like cheese then you will love the non-chicken nuggets they do, they are basically battered halloumi and are to die for. I am such a cheese person as it is so I was all over these and one of the sides they did was mac 'n' cheese balls which again were to die for.

Overall, the restaurant is gorgeous and the food is tasty as hell so get down to Yard & Coop. The one in Liverpool is on Hanover Street and the one in Manchester is located in The Northern Quarter, I would highly recommend you try it if you can get down to one and you like chicken.

Love, Heather x

Hello 2017

Happy happy new year everybody! 2016 has been a weird and wonderful year for me, I think it has been quite a tough year for the most and a lot of people around me have faced a lot. For me personally, this year hasn't been the best year of my life but it hasn't been the worst at all. I've had a lot of laughs, I've spent loads of time with my family and friends having a ball, I've made so many new friends that I know will be in my life for a while and I've made a ton of memories!

This year I turned 18, I got a new job and overall I think 2016 has been a growing year for me. I've changed so much in the past year as a person, I've gotten more confident with myself, round about April I just got into the mindset of not caring what people thought anymore because I've always been a little bit shy and self conscious about myself and it truly can hold you back in life. I have learnt a lot of important life lessons this year, faced a few challenges and overall its made me a better person which I am incredibly thankful for.

I have enjoyed 2016 don't get me wrong, its been one of the wildest years of my life and I would re-live alot of it in a heartbeat but what gets me down looking at the year gone by is what I have actually done. I feel like I haven't achieved anything significant in alot of areas in my life I've really hit the brakes and just let my life coast on by and I really need to get that drive and ambition I had at the beginning of the year. At the end of the day I am 18 and at this moment in time this is as easy and simple as my life is probably going to get, I work part time, I go to college but I still live with my parents who are there for me no matter what and I shouldn't take that for granted.

I want to start 2017 positively, I don't want to dwell on the negatives I have faced and I think this year is going to be a good one! I will be going to university this year which is a big change, I've got so many more crazy and exciting times to come with people I haven't even met yet and I know its going to be amazing. I have been slacking so much on my blog here and I said this last January but this year just took over my life so blogging wasn't my main priority but its always going to be something I will do no matter how often I get the chance to do it, expect alot from me in 2017 as I have got alot of posts planned some are already scheduled for the next week or so and I have promised myself I will not let it go this long without posting again because blogging makes me really happy, I love doing it and I love connecting with you all I don't want to lose that.

I would make a list of things I want to achieve this year but honestly the list would be longer than my arm I have so much I want to achieve this year and I'm going to get there, I hope you all have an amazing 2017 and I wish nothing but love and positivity to you all 

Love, Heather x

Lush Christmas Shopping Event

Two posts in one week? Whaaaaaaaat? I know I haven't blogged this much in ages but here I am with another post and another blogger event! I'm so happy to be attending more of these events especially with it getting close to christmas because its such a fun experience to network with bloggers and see the latest christmas goodies. This event was at Lush which I'm sure you're all familiar with, it was such a good event so organised and the staff are so lovely as per.

We went round each station they had laid out for us, my first station was with Erin who showed us the art of knot wrapping which was fun because all the gift sets they do have this in and you can easily use it yourself to wrap presents. Then we moved on to the next station which was filled with bathbombs, we got introduced to the newest bathbombs and ones that were returning from last year. Also the new lip scrubs they were bringing in for the holidays, for someone like me who is obsessed with Lush lip scrubs I was beyond happy. P.s the sugar plum one is divine.

We then went to the make-up station, I've never used Lush make-up products so it was nice to get a demonstration of the products in action and how make-up experts use them. Some of the colours are gorgeous and the lip and cheek stains I've heard nothing but good things about so I definitely will be trying some soon!

To round off the night we had a trip round the spa, which I have been to a few times in the past, its unbelievably relaxing I could spend all day there. We viewed all the treatments and the products they use on them, along with demonstrations. I could so do with a pamper night in here. When we left we got given a goodie bag which had a bathbomb, shower gel and a lip scrub! Such a relaxing, fun event and I hope to attend more soon, thank you to Lush for holding this event.

Love, Heather x

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